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Riverside Native Perennials, LLC grows Midwest native perennials that serve as hostplant and nectar sources for bees, birds and butterflies.  We work closely with environmental reclamation professionals, professional landscapers and homeowners looking to restore their land with beautiful native perennials. We make it our mission to provide you with healthy plants and the information necessary to be successful with them.   Providing native perennial hostplants is the best way to help slow the decline of butterfly, moth and bee populations and hopefully reverse the trend.

The food foundation for all native wildlife are native plants.If you grow it they will come!

Determining which perennial species are appropriate for your application can be a difficult task. With our new Native Range Map feature you can select your state to determine which perennials are native to your particular site based on industry-accepted scientific publications. We’ve also listed cultural information and Wetland Indicator Status for homeowners and restoration professionals alike.  This information will help you fine tune your choices to match your conditions thus ensuring success.

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Check out the newest perennials we have to offer.  “New” to us means that we didn’t offer them last year although we may have had them previous to that.

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