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Refunds & Returns


Shipping boxes damaged during transit

If a plant you have received via mail order has been damaged (the packaging is crushed, torn, etc) your options for a refund lie with your post office.  Each mailed parcel is insured for $50 and the claim must be initiated by the recipient of the package.   We can provide tracking numbers upon request.  You should notify your local post office of your claim as soon as possible.  Our role in your claim is only to provide information about how the plants were packaged and to answer any other questions USPS may have.  We are not authorized to work on your behalf.  

Plants damaged during shipping; shipping boxes intact.

Although we take great care in packaging your plants to survive the rigors of transit sometimes it’s just too much for them.

We will issue a full refund if all plants are damaged and a partial refund if only some of the plants are damaged.  With your permission we may ask you to plant them anyway to see if they recover.  If they ultimately do not recover and grow to your satisfaction then we will offer a full or partial refund as outlined above.

Plants purchased onsite

Our plants are grown in a professional manner and are designed to be planted by you in an area that corresponds to the cultural characteristics shown on the plant label and depicted on the species page of this website.  Since there are so many different variables in your soil, moisture, sun, etc we do not guarantee results with our plants.  We have found nearly all the species we offer to be easy or relatively easy to grow with minimal care.  Others can be difficult and we’ve tried to mention that fact in our descriptions on the species page.

Need help?

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and returns.