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Riverside Native Perennial Fundraiser: Perennials 4 Pollinators (P4P)

The Perennials 4 Pollinators (P4P) fundraiser showcases beautiful, interesting and uncommon (in local nurseries) species that absolutely have a place in our home landscapes.  We will partner with you in selecting the appropriate species that will grow well and offer pollen and nectar to our native pollinators.  We have plants that will fit any landscape, bloom in a wide array of colors and will do well in sun, shade, dry, moist or anywhere in between.

Our P4P fundraiser is modeled after our highly successful Milkweeds 4 Monarchs (M4M) fundraiser.  Everything is exactly the same except we offer a wider variety of native perennials than only milkweed species.

Planning your Fundraiser

We start planning your fundraiser with the end in mind.  If you’re considering a P4P Fundraiser, plants are generally delivered in late June thru September.  Our growing season starts early in the year with seeds being sown in early March, potted up in one-gallon containers in April in our greenhouses and moved outside in early June.  We would like your commitment to holding a fundraiser as early as possible.  The earlier we have your commitment the more easily we can custom grow the species you want to offer and the larger your plants will be.  Commitments as early as even March will allow us the time to grow your selected species to good size.  Early commitments also allow us to reserve plants that you want which otherwise would be grown for general sale.

Riverside Native Perennials Role in the P4P Fundraiser

In order for this to work as easily as possible we are committed to doing most of the work.  Our role is to grow and deliver the plants on the appointed day and provide you with all the correspondence, graphics and electronics in order for customers to place and pay for their orders online.  A sample order form can be found by clicking on the flyer graphic below.  The flyer we use is bright and colorful and contains pictures of some of the plants we grow.  Embedded in the flyer is a link that takes the customer to an online order form complete with the native perennial species you’ve selected for the fundraiser.  Customers can use the order form to select their species and pay online for their purchase.  Once a purchase has been made a confirmation is sent to the customer and to Riverside Native Perennials.

Money is collected by Riverside Native Perennials through our website.  We already have an existing payment mechanism to seamlessly collect funds.  On or near delivery day we will bring your plants to the pick-up area, set them up in groups by species and confirm with you that we brought the required number and species of plants plus a few extra just to be sure.  We’ll also bring a check for your 40% of the proceeds.  Our credit card service imposes a 3% fee and $0.25 on each transaction, and we will also subtract a fee for fuel which will not exceed $100 and is based on your proximity to central Ohio.  Your 40% will be calculated after those fees are assessed.  We supply you with a final spreadsheet with the names of your customers and what they purchased to be used on pick up day.  We’re happy to send you a copy of the orders at any time during the fundraiser at your request.

In the end, the most important thing is to provide healthy plants for your customers and to make sure they walk away with good value for the money they’ve spent.  It’s also very important that we make this as easy and hassle-free for your organization as possible.  It’s up to Riverside Native Perennials to provide all of that!

Your Organizations Role in the P4P Fundraiser

Please send us your logo so that we can incorporate it into all your fundraiser correspondence.   A logo with clear background looks best against our graphics. Your role in the fundraiser is to send the emails to the customers on your email list.  Riverside Native Perennials does not have access to your mailing list.  We suggest that you email your customer base about 1-2 months prior to the start of the fundraiser telling them that you’re planning this event.  A second email containing the flyer is sent when the fundraiser begins, and a final email, again containing the flyer is sent about a week before the end of the event as a reminder.  The fundraiser typically runs for about a month but can run for any length of time.  We can supply you with sample emails and graphics for all correspondence.  You are welcome to select the species you would like to sell for your fundraiser and/or we can help you with that.  You also select the date, time and location of the plant pick up.

On pickup day we suggest you have at least four people available to help distribute plants.  We strongly suggest that you do not let people pick their own plants.  The plants should be brought out to the customers from a central area that only your staff can access.  This helps to protect plants from accidental damage and is much less confusing.   You will have a copy of a spreadsheet with customer names and what they bought.  Every arriving customer checks in with your contact person who has the spreadsheet so that their name can be crossed off the list.  After check-in, the person with the spreadsheet can tell another member of your staff to pick out the plants purchased and bring them to their vehicle.  We suggest having a 3-hour time slot for pickup on the appointed day.

We have had a few people want to purchase plants but were reluctant to purchase online.  They can send a check made out to RNP with their order and we’ll include them in the spreadsheet.

We’ve also had people who wanted to help but were unable to plant milkweeds or perennials on their property.  We suggest you contact your local park system beforehand and ask if they’d be willing to accept free plants.  If they do, we can include this in your correspondence.

Setting the final price point for the fundraiser is a joint effort between both of us.  Please contact us for further information and examples.

What the Customer Can Expect

Customers will learn about the fundraiser from your emails which contain the graphics and links seen above for ordering plants.  Once they click on the embedded link in the flyer, they’ll be taken to the order form which has pictures, cultural information and ordering information.  They can select the species they want and pay using Paypal or a credit card using an online form familiar to most people.  They’ll receive a confirmation of the sale via email, and one will be sent to Riverside Native Perennials as well.

Pick up day is fun for the customers.  After they have checked in with with your contact person who has the spreadsheet, their plants will be brought to them and/or loaded into their vehicles.  Customers can expect to receive 1-gallon containers with 2 to 3 or more plants per pot and most of the plants being 6″ to 3′ tall depending on species.  Some plants are large and vigorous growers and thus only would have two plants per pot.  Other species are smaller and work better with perhaps 3 or more plants per pot.  Plants may already be blooming, and a few may already be hosting caterpillars!  Our goal is to provide your customers with good sized plants that are appropriately sized for a one-gallon container.