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The United States Department of Agriculture has a vested interest in seeing that environmentally and ecologically sensitive areas are well maintained.  Oftentimes, these areas are found on land currently involved in farming practices.  Ohio and other states have a number of voluntary programs that pay farmers to set aside, maintain and even enhance these valuable areas; one of these is the Conservation Reserve Program or CRP.  Farmers enroll in a 10-15 yearlong program and are paid an annual fee for not farming these sensitive areas.  Further, they may be obligated to plant selected, native perennial species to enhance pollinator habitat and to provide food for birds and small mammals over the duration of their contract.  Riverside Native Perennials grows Ohio genotype native perennial plugs in flats of 32 plants appropriate for CRP plantings.  The CRP order form can be found here. 

The CRP order form is designed to be used by farmers and other agricultural land owners.    For homeowners and other non-agricultural applications, the website shopping cart should be used as it offers a wider variety of species which may not be appropriate for CRP plantings.

For more information about CRP programs please visit: Conservation Programs (