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The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes Milkweeds 4 Monarchs Fundraiser

The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes has at its very heart the desire to help the natural world be just that…more natural. In keeping with that tradition, we have partnered with Riverside Native Perennials in Delaware, OH to offer a 1-gallon native Milkweed sale to help homeowners create Monarch butterfly habitat. Currently, Monarch numbers are in decline and in late July this iconic insect was listed as an Endangered Species. By planting Milkweed you’ll be helping not only Monarchs but a host of other native pollinators and caterpillars as well. Throughout summer the flowers bustle with insect activity as bees, moths, flies and butterflies visit for food. Please take a moment to see the beautiful species we have to offer. Most species want a dryer location and in full sun, but we have species that will grow well in shade or in wet areas. Once established milkweeds will reliably send up new stems and flowers every year and are an undemanding plant.
The Milkweed sale runs from Aug 1 to Sept 15 with pick up being from 4-6 PM on both Saturday Oct 1 and Monday Oct 3 at the Nature Center. Plants left after that time will be considered donations to NCSL. Thank you very much! 

Please note this fundraiser is now closed.